Jun 15, 2023


The AI Transformation in Ticketing, Booking, Hybrid Events, and Payments

The live events industry is undergoing an AI and automation technological revolution, shaping the way concerts, festivals, and other immersive gatherings are brought to life. With advancements in artist-booking platforms, event ticketing, hybrid events, and payments - innovative platforms and solutions are transforming the way we produce, attend, and engage with these experiences. During LA Tech Week, we invited live event tech company founders and C-suite executives to join our live panel and share with us how they see AI and automation transforming live event tools.

Automation and AI in Routing Tours and Booking Workflows

During the panel, it became evident that automation and generative AI are poised to revolutionize the booking side of live events. Jeremie Habib, CEO and Co-Founder of Gigwell, highlighted the power of AI in simplifying tour planning. Artists and managers will soon be able to specify their desired tour routes, and AI algorithms will crunch the numbers to propose optimized schedules, taking into account venue availability, ticket sales projections, and travel logistics. This AI technology can be built on top of Gigwell’s ability to already streamline the booking process in a matter of a few clicks, empowering artists and organizers to focus on what they do best—delivering unforgettable experiences. 

“We see automation and AI as the driving force behind the transformation of the live events industry. Our goal is to leverage generative AI to empower artists, agents, and managers in designing tours. Imagine being able to specify your desired tour route, and AI algorithms calculate the most optimal schedule based on venue availability, ticket sales projections, and travel logistics. This will revolutionize how tours are planned and executed.” –Jeremie Habib, CEO of Gigwell

Personalized Event Experiences with AI 

Ritesh Patel, CEO of The Ticket Fairy, emphasized the significance of AI in automating event management. Imagine a conversational AI assistant that handles your event management, reporting, and admin tasks.

“With the integration of AI, ticketing platforms will become more intelligent and data-driven. We'll see personalized recommendations for event producers, a conversional AI assistant that handles event admin, and AI-powered analytics that provide event organizers with valuable insights into customer behavior, helping them maximize revenue and improve audience engagement.” –Ritesh Patel, CEO of The Ticket Fairy

The Rise of Hybrid Events: Blending Realities

The concept of hybrid events, blending physical and virtual experiences, has been a reality for a few years. With AI-generated spatial computing, virtual venues can replicate the electrifying atmosphere of live events, enabling fans from across the globe to participate and engage in real-time. This fusion of physical and virtual realities breaks down geographical barriers, making events more accessible and inclusive. RedPill VR's goal is that attendees can experience the energy and excitement of live performances without leaving the comfort of their homes, while artists gain the opportunity to reach a wider audience. 

"Imagine using AI to create a space by describing it–being able to enter virtual venues on any device. We're using AI to create a correlation between what you hear and the visual representation—basically creating a library of experiential content. We believe in unlocking the creative and financial potential of the live events community... expanding what a live event is and what a venue is." –Laurent Scallie, CEO of RedPill VR

Transforming Touchless Payments and Event Experiences

Michael Johnson, Rooams Chief Revenue Officer, shed light on the exciting developments in payment technology. Rooam, a global payments and integration platform, already offers contactless payment solutions to allow fans to open and close tabs from their phones, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall experience. With facial recognition technology on the horizon, making seamless payments by scanning your face at events may soon become a reality. This innovation eliminates the need for physical payment methods, streamlining operations and enhancing the overall event experience. Additionally, AI-powered chatbots act as virtual assistants, offering real-time support, recommendations, and facilitating convenient interactions throughout the event.

“At this point, we have the tech–we’re just waiting for consumer adoption and privacy laws to catch up. We're entering an era where technology will empower both event organizers and attendees. Automation and AI will enhance efficiency, personalization, and overall event experiences. From streamlined ticketing and payment processes to immersive virtual environments, the possibilities are limitless. The future of live events will be a harmonious blend of innovation, creativity, and unforgettable experiences.” –Michael Johnson, CRO of Rooam

Through automation, AI, and immersive technologies, the industry is evolving at a rapid pace. The tools that event producers use will dramatically change in the next few years, making events more effortless, bridging the gap between event profitability and risk, and providing better data for organizers. The integration of these cutting-edge technologies promises to unlock new realms of creativity, connectivity, and accessibility. Exciting times lie ahead, where technology and human ingenuity converge to create unforgettable live event experiences for fans worldwide.

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