Apr 1, 2022
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A chat with Ivan Gianni, founder of Cancun Music Week

The pandemic gave the music industry a shakedown, and with an end in sight, industry professionals are wondering what comes next for live events. Cancun Music Week, a conference for artists, producers, and music professionals, is aiming to set the post-pandemic standard for hybrid events and inspire new ideas. With a focus on underground electronic music, the week contains technology exhibitions, masterclasses, a wellness program, and 50 different parties between the hours of 1 PM to 5 AM.

The Advance sat down with Ivan Gianni, founder of Cancun Music Week, to discuss the first underground electronic music summit in Latin America.

This is the debut year of CMW. What was the idea that birthed the conference?

We wanted to establish a networking summit designed to bring the industry together between the Americas and European countries. We’re focused on bolstering the industry and empowering the future of underground electronic music. It is also set to be a celebration of the genre, making the event a perfect combination of business and pleasure.

What is CMW's role in the post-pandemic underground music landscape?

CMW is providing the industry and its members a chance to recover and rebuild in person after being unable to do so for the past two years. Leading creatives and thinkers will come together to explore key values and issues within the industry while also showcasing the latest innovation at the Technology Trade Fair. This includes strategies to run more eco-friendly events, understanding the difference between American and European events, how artists can release music in the modern world, cryptocurrency, and much more.

A lot of Gigwell's clients are going to be attending. What panels can booking agents and artists look forward to?

For artists, What Managers and Booking Agents Look for in a New Artist and for booking agents and promoters, The Future of the Live-Events Industry: How the Pandemic is Changing the Way We Tour, Interact and Market. You can expect your pick of thought leadership from a lineup of industry professionals and CEO's: AFEM Members, Alex Jukes (Director of Jukebox PR), Ben Peperstraete (DJ & Managing Partner of Ostend Beach Festival), Driss Skali (Co-Founder & Artistic Director of SXM Festival), Ghayath Dakroub (CEO & Founder of Form Management & Records), Hector (CEO & Founder of Vatos Locos & VL Camp), Jeremie Habib (CEO & Co-Founder of Gigwell), Rolando E. Gordillo Chan (Mexican Event Attorney) and more.

Topics will be covering the nuts and bolts of the industry, including Grow & Monetize Your Label Workshop and How to Market Yourself as an Artist Workshop. There will be masterclasses such as Dig for Music & Prepare Your Sets Using LINK Technology, and Breathing Life Into Audio in a Digital Age.

Out of the pandemic, online events have become a mainstay. How does CMW view the future of online and hybrid events?

Hybrid events are the future. Increasing reach and attendance, they are more sustainable, profitable, and provide security and safety. After the pandemic, we noticed that most people prefer to attend a hybrid of live or in-person events. We will be offering online passes to make it accessible and safe to attend from anywhere around the world. Attendees can choose from many online workshops, bringing music industry professionals and artists together from around the world.

Give us a hint on what to expect at the special closing celebration.

We will close with two epic events. EET (Esto Es Tulum) is a project created, funded, and developed by Mexicans for the citizens of the world. The project aims to bring the essence of Tulum around the globe. Esto es Tulum lives by the principle of tearing down borders between ethnic groups and living in harmony together.

Our other event is our debut signature event, the XKYY (SKY) Boat Party, named after our company which gave birth to Cancun Music Week. Guests will be hitting the Caribbean seas in style with tunes from DJs like Solardo, Pablo Ceballos and special guests.

Thank you Gianni, we look forward to seeing the ideas that come from Cancun Music Week.

For more information on Cancun Music Week and to buy tickets, visit: http://cancunmusicweek.com/

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