Behind the Project

About Us


We've always believed that innovation in our industry could only be realized through communication, collaboration, and transparency. We're excited to introduce The Advance. The first online community dedicated exclusively to the advancement of the live entertainment industry.

Much like our unwavering dedication to the booking processes we work to innovate, we are equally dedicated to helping people understand and navigate an industry that can often appear daunting or intimidating. Streamlining innovation goes hand in hand with streamlining conversation, making it applicable to real-world industry challenges.

The Advance is a hub for sharing tools, industry insights & fundamentals, intimate stories, and current events, with the goal of supporting all artists individually, and the community as a whole, to Advance.

We encourage this to be a highly interactive space, where we navigate important topics and moderate industry-specific questions, share forward moving ideas, topics - you name it.  Let's discuss. Let's Advance.